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 What do you think about Jared?

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PostSubject: What do you think about Jared?   Tue May 13, 2008 12:57 pm

What is your take on Jared? Did you like him? Did you not like him? Did you think he was cruel to Wanda? Was that justified? Did it take him longer to figure it out then you hoped or not as long as you thought, etc?
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PostSubject: Re: What do you think about Jared?   Tue May 13, 2008 8:44 pm

I said this on TM's...sorry if you read it there:

Now that I've read the book, and some of the comments people have made about Jared, ie, they don't like him, they like Ian more, he's not the guy for them, he's angry, not as compassionate...etc.

I still like Jared...*ducking from stones*

I was looking at the first of the book again, and I was reminded of Melanie's memories of the happy, loving Jared.
I can't imagine the pain he was in, when he first saw Wanderer in Melanie's body. Believeing that a 'parasite' has
taken your loved one away. I understand his anger and resentment.
I think it's easier for Ian to accept Wanderer, before Jared could accept her, because Ian didn't have the
memories of Melanie's love.

There are a lot of good/great things about Jared.
He helped Wanderer escape to get medicine for Jamie. No one else did, nor would have.
He even said that he didn't think they would make it back. But that it was better to die trying, than to live without Jamie.
Jared is still compassionate, loving, strong and practical.
Jeb said that's why Jared's best at getting what they need. Because he can do what has to be done.
or watch what has to be done. Even when watching's harder than 471.
He told her he wanted her to stay at the end.

Yes...I am still a huge fan of Jared...
Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: What do you think about Jared?   Wed May 14, 2008 7:39 am

HUGE fan of Jared. I agree with everything that Dawn said. I think the only reason that Jared DID feel love for Wanda in the end was because he is so compassionate. See, I believe that we can only experience joy to the same extent that we have experienced pain - emotional, spiritual, physical. He had run the gammit (sp) with seeing Mel but KNOWING that the majority of the body's actions were Wanda. He had lost EVERYTHING he loved....and more. Finally, he was able to love and accept - and possibly mourn Wanda - in the end because of his depth of compassion, love and understanding.

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PostSubject: Re: What do you think about Jared?   

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What do you think about Jared?
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